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Advancing education at the crossroads of Art, Science and Engineering.

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Beakerhead advances education at the crossroads of art, science and engineering through year-round school programs and a week-long, everyone welcomed, smash up of art, science and engineering each fall.



Full STEAM ahead for more than 10,000 students with Beakerhead 2014

Extraordinary mentors, educators, engineers and performers come to Beakerhead every year to perform and exhibit, so Beakerhead sends them out to schools while they are here. In 2014, students and school in Calgary and surrounding areas participated in field trips to Beakerhead events and ingenuity challenges that intersect technical and creative streams.

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We’ve taken one of the least nicest street scape in Calgary and done something fun and simple with it. Komboh’s art looks fantastic here.  It will be thought provoking as people walk by. It makes you think of ideas and creativity, science and energy…  Beakerhead!

Naheed Nenshi
Naheed NenshiMayor of the City of Calgary

Years from now people will look back to September 2013 as the moment when science and magic converged.

Commander John B. Herrington
Commander John B. HerringtonAstronaut

I thought this was a remarkable way to engage people, particularly younger people, in the relationships between art, science and engineering, and to stimulate thoughtful conversations. I am looking forward to next year!

Hon. Ken Hughes
Hon. Ken HughesMember of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-West

Events like this, put on by people like you, are the reason we still hang around here…or we’d all work out of the San Francisco office.

Paul Magnuson
Paul MagnusonPK Sound

Creativity is crucial to solving problems in science and engineering, but it is usually overlooked and rarely encouraged.

Jay Ingram
Jay IngramScience Writer and Broadcaster

“Flush with oil money Calgary has morphed from ho-hum city on the prairie into a cultural hub…”

New York Times
New York Times52 Places to Go in 2014