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The biggest, STEAM-iest, explosive, brain-busting science spectacle in Calgary!

Beakerhead is BACK and better than ever for 2024! Prepare for two premium event nights – packed with special programming, a bar with speciality cocktails, speakers and more, plus three daytime experiences sure to please families.

Beakerhead is going to be held completely at TELUS Spark Science Centre so the event can fit in every bit of STEAM possible! With unforgettable art installations and science that will blow your mind, this is an experience that you won’t want to miss!

Body Event Popup

September 20 – 22, 2024

This year, BEAKERHEAD attendees can expect a whole new line up of STEAM inspired programming, artists, experiences, talks, food, fun and of course FIRE! plus explore the entirety of CALGARY’S ONLY science centre!

TELUS Spark presents Beakerhead


Amigo & Amigo

Octo-STEAM Tentacle Spectacle!

Kraken that beat with every tentacle as Octopoda makes his eight-armed North American debut at Beakerhead 2024! Help Octopoda on his quest to become the GOAT (Greatest Of All Tentacles) as he unleashes waves of sound, colour, design and good vibes with your help. With over 100m of carefully crafted led animations, controlled through eight massive drums, guests get to control the beat and a massive Octopus! Created by Amigo & Amigo, this wickedly cool regenerator is guaranteed to get your blood pumping – no matter what colour it happens to be!

Catch Octopoda all weekend long at Beakerhead.


True North

Fire Breathing Bronco!

This is one stallion you won’t catch at the stampede! Blazin’ its way to Beakerhead is this one-of-a-kind sculpture made specifically for this year’s spectacle by True North Absurdities. Giddy on up to this horse with its ultra sleek aluminum frame standing a whopping 9.5 feet tall. This steed sports a mane sharper than a cowboy’s wit and nostrils ablaze with actual flames!

See the full power of this fire breathing bronco all weekend at Beakerhead. 



Ever been to a concert that features a foghorn organ?

How about tuba bells? A Squonkcordian? Then, you haven’t been to a concert that lets you play the instruments too! Introducing Brouhaha by Squonk, a fantastical fusion of high-energy tunes, upbeat characters, unconventional instruments and a seriously cool stage design featuring blinking eyes and smoke-shooting ears. Beakerhead is so excited to showcase this immersive outdoor spectacle that allows guests to join in on the fun. This Brouhaha is one interactive sound experience you don’t want to miss!

Catch Squonk during both Beakernights with a special daytime performance on Saturday, Sept. 21 and Sunday, Sept. 22! 


Big Art

Ever dreamed of meeting fish from the Andromeda galaxy? 

Blast straight into the SPARKQUARIUM, the most out-of-this-world intergalactic aquarium around! This space-time portal whisks you right into the stardust splash zone as you navigate through this 360-degree, 3D-animated mega-structure.! Mind-bending mysteries from distant worlds surround you in a space odyssey jam-packed with alien creatures, flora, fauna, and extra-TEST-rial surprises! Enjoy some interstellar banter and make special requests while CO2 effects swirl around you, brought to Beakerhead by BIG ART.


Pneuhaus and Bike Powered Events

Pedal Like it’s 1999!

It’s time to get lit, Beakerhead! Put the pedal to the metal and throw some neon shade with Canopy by Phenuhaus. Imagine pedalling through a lush neon jungle, where the leaves glow and float in the breeze, except this radical jungle is powered entirely by your own two feet! But here’s the kicker – this pedal-powered party is about more than just a good time; it’s a fusion of art and science like no other. Inspired by ‘Crown Shyness’, this mind-blowing adventure, from Pneuhaus and Bike Powered Events, showcases the wonders of sustainable energy and creative innovation.

Rally your bike crew and check out Canopy every day at Beakerhead!  



Sippin’ on STEAM at the Beakerbar 

What better way to start or end your Beakerhead adventure than with a cocktail (or two)? Welcome to Beaker Bar, one science experiment you won’t want to miss! Sip and enjoy a variety of custom-crafted cocktails and refreshing beverages while you soak in all those Beakerhead vibes. Plus, it’s a great time to make new friends, swap stories of Beakerheads from years past and chillout from a day of STEAM!

TELUS Spark presents Beakerhead, proudly sponsored by Travel Alberta, City of Calgary, Calgary Foundation, Amazon Web Services, and Dairy Farmers of Canada. Hack the House, a Beakerhead program, is proudly sponsored by Imperial.

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Blasts From the Past

Beakerhead Paraluna photo by Andrew Bain
Beakerhead photo by Gilles Thibault
Beakerhead Balloons and old house "Dreams Never Die" by Johanna Hung
Beakearhead Bleeding Heart by David Kotsibie
Beakerhead photo by David Kotsibie
Beakerhead Lily photo credit to Erin Matheson
Beakerhead coils

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