You’ll have a hard time finding someone more passionate about science, math and art than Mary Anne Moser. And this passion manifests in more energy than a particle accelerator.

Before launching Beakerhead, she worked as a journalist, an award-winning designer and communications director, and over her career has started a publishing house, a renowned science communications program, and a nation-wide Iron Science contest. She has a number of publications to her credit, including books published by MIT Press and the Banff Centre Press.

In every new venture of hers, you’ll see something emerge where culture and science intersect. She holds a B.Sc. in Zoology, M.A. in Communications and an interdisciplinary Ph.D.



You might recognize Jay Ingram; he’s been on TV, a lot. Jay is a science broadcaster and writer; he was the co-host of the Discovery Channel’s science show, Daily Planet, for 16 years. Jay was the host of CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks for 13 years and raked in plenty of awards during this time including the ACTRA Award for Best Host.

A writer to the core, Jay wrote for the popular children’s magazine Owl and for a more adult audience as a science columnist at the Toronto Star consecutively for over a decade. Jay has written fourteen books (he’s working on his next one now). Three of his books earned him Canadian Science Writers’ Awards and several reached the bestseller’s list.

Jay is a member of the Board of Directors of Beakerhead and plays a hands-on role in the science communications training programs offered by Beakerhead. where he worked with a mix of international scientists, communicators and artists to advance the discipline.

Now living in Calgary, Jay has been channeling his energy into Beakerhead which he co-founded with Mary Anne Moser. Fun fact: sometimes on weekends, he can be spotted playing a Frisbee game that involves two trees, a trampoline and a complicated set of rules. Only one can play at a time. Only one ever does.



Cleopatra is a champion of all things educational and entertaining! As a former secondary school teacher and non-for-profit project manager and program developer, she steers a tight ship with a sharp wit and a keen eye for details. When she is not wrangling unicorns, you can find her shopping for what she deems necessary, composing music and singing at local open mic venues, and mothering her three ducklings.


Chief Flame Thrower

By day, Beakerhead outreach, by night, Miss Frizzle! Danielle is passionate about engagement and loves learning. Her heart can be found in any province or territory in Canada, though it always comes home to YYC! She can often be found biking around the city with her little human ducks following closely behind. Danielle knows what it takes to make art, science and engineering accessible to all!




Carolyn started with Beakerhead as a volunteer, and has now joined the team officially! Professional experience maker by day, and cute puppy wrangler by night (and also by day), she brings high spirits, creative problem solving, and oodles of organization to the table.

In her role as Beakerhead Education Manager, she has the pleasure of personally smashing up science, art, engineering, and math and brings it all with her to class!