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Beakerhead is coming back to Calgary and it’s going to be HUGE

Two photos. Left: Steely T Mutant Vehicle shooting fire at Beakerhead. Right: Participants from a wearable LED fashion show by MakeFashion at Beakerhead.
Aug 18, 2023

August 18, 2023 | DailyHive Listed
by Emma Kilburn-Smith

Beakerhead is back coming back to Calgary in the fall, and it’s going to be pretty special this year. It’s the festival’s 10-year anniversary and it’s got some pretty exciting things planned to celebrate.

There are over 50 activities, workshops, installations and artistic performances planned for 2023.


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Among the exciting announcements for this year is an appearance from the UK outdoor arts company, Walk the Plank.

For the first time in North America, the immersive, after-dark experience, BODY, will get visitors up close and personal with human biology. There’s going to be sculptures, lights, special effects, sound and… fire! All the best things we look forward to Beakerhead bringing.


Some other exciting events to look forward to this year include A Taste of That Thing in The Desert, Mirror Man, and of course, the Beaker Bar.

You can check out the full festival lineup here.



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Beakerhead has become a staple event in Calgary with many people recognizing all the big installments throughout the city as they begin to pop up in September.

“Beakerhead was founded in 2013 with the belief that making science and engineering accessible through art and entertainment would lead to unprecedented human ingenuity… and it sure has!” reads the event’s website.

“Over the last nine years, Beakerhead has facilitated 542,000 in-person encounters with science, technology, engineering, and math, through art and entertainment. This magic has been made with 665 local partners, 35,000 volunteer hours, and 1,442 collaborating presenters. And we’ve reached over 605 million people online. That’s a lot of numbers. But they all add up to awesome.”