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Beakerhead September 23rd at TELUS Spark

Beakerhead has ignition - Launches September 23rd at TELUS Spark
Sep 18, 2022

September 23 | Launching at TELUS Spark from 6:30-11 PM

Welcome to an evening of connection, catalytic conversation, house-hacks, and the beloved PechaKucha Night Calgary!! This free evening will leave your brain bubbling and synapses firing like sparklers on a birthday cake. Join Beakerhead at the totally rad TELUS Spark from 6:30 – 11 PM and dive into the coolest of the coolest smash-up mash-ups of art and science right here at home in YYC.

PechaKucha Calgary SOLD OUT

Beakerhead knows that you are asking yourself, “How do I pronounce that word?” Simple. The Muppet Show can help. 

OK, now that pronunciation is settled, PechaKucha is the Japanese word for chit chat and TELUS Spark is going to come alive with chit-chat on September 23rd from 6:30 – 11 PM.  This unique storytelling format gives presenters 20 slides played automatically for 20 seconds each with a total run time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds in which to tell their story. Whew! Seems fast but the idea is to create less rambling and more substance. PechaKucha is a worldwide phenomenon and Beakerhead is thrilled to partner with the cool cats at Rocket House to bring this visionary storytelling platform to TELUS Spark and let the “sparks” fly where they may. 

Hack the House Program Launch  

Beakerhead welcomes creators, artists, technology fiends and engineering enthusiasts to the unveiling of its newest program; Hack-the-House. This collaborative challenge empowers teams of kiddos 14+, supported by a panel of experts, to bring creativity and engineering skills together and ‘hack’ a piece of used household furniture into a sustainably powered machine. 

Infinity Dome Shows

The Infinity Dome theatre stretches 3 stories high and over 21 metres across! Sit back and let the 360-degree visuals transport you to another place. Catch Tricks of the Night Sky and Sea Lions: Life by the Whiskers free all evening long.