MakeFashion StitchKit Workshop

June 23, 2018 @ 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Fuse33 Makerspace
1720 Radisson Drive SE

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Mark your calendars for September 22, 2018!

Beakerhead and MakeFashion are coming together to stage the annual original MakeFashion gala as part of Beakernight!

Have you considered adapting your prom dress? Make it light up and dazzle at your grad! Create that ultimate haute couture piece for the runway! Try making things glow, like your plasma cannon with blasting sound effects for the next comic convention. The ugly Christmas sweaters will never be the same again!

This is your chance to get hands-on help to create an outfit that sings with the makers of StitchKit.

StitchKit is a FashionTech kit made for everyone: from young students, to teachers, to design professionals and cosplayers.

In this afternoon workshop, you will receive a StitchKit, which contains all the components you need to get started to turn your design projects into awesome wearable projects! And, you'll get hands-on help with your creation.


Workshop registration fee: $79 plus tax- This workshop is currently sold out! Please check back for more tickets soon.
Includes all materials, supplies and instruction. Please bring your own garment

Don't rush off when the workshop finishes! At 5 pm, the Maker Market will open in the backyard, and who knows what treasures and inspiration you will find there.