Photo: Neil Zeller
Photo: Nic Sharkey


Let’s say you have built an ice cream-scooping robot for your neighbourhood block party. Beakerhead will find a way for you to share your lessons learned at the crossroads of art and engineering ­– with the world!

Here’s the kind of thing that fits:

  • At the core of what you do, science, technology, engineering or math is involved (okay, so that includes just about everything!)
  • You are willing to help others understand how it works
  • There is a hands-on or interactive element
  • There is art and creativity involved
  • It will delight yourself and others


Beakerhead runs on collaboration and partnership. The core role of the Beakerhead secretariat is to build the platform on which your brilliance can shine. Beakerhead will do our level best to get an audience out for you too!

There are basically two ways to get involved – either as a program presenter in an existing Beakerhead program element, or you can create your own experience as a Beakerhead community partner.


Program presenters are individuals or organizations keen to present within an existing Beakerhead program element, such as Four to Six, Beakernight or a Beakerhead workshop. The conversation here starts with understanding what you want to do, how it might fit, and what resources might be required to make it vibrate with awesomeness.

Let’s start a conversation if you think you have something that would fit at:

FOUR TO SIX: Got an idea to bring a street corner to life? Take to the streets with live experiments, installations, performances, and a parade of engineered vehicles that liven up fourth street southwest on WednesdayThursday, and Friday of Beakerhead.

BEAKERNIGHT: Beakernight is a laboratory for science, technology and artistic feats. The largest public event of the week, Beakernight starts as the sun sets on Saturday night, delighting visitors across multiple spaces, late-night galleries and laboratories, 3D projections, lasers and fire, music and more across multiple spaces.

WORKSHOPS: Got a skill you’d like to share? If it is hands-on and involves some art, science, engineering or math, and results in a creative or cultural experience, let’s talk! Beakerhead is always looking for experts who love to engage the public.


Community partners are individuals or organizations who create their own events or program elements. Delightful projects that have come to life include a can-crushing cow, a theatrical experience in a hair-training salon, and robot uprisings! Create your own-engineered chandelier with your community, host an ingenuity challenge, create an engineered artwork or an ice-cream-scooping robot for your neighbourhood block party! Beakerhead supports your experience with logistical guidance and marketing support – and sometimes funding, if we can find it!


  • Help shape your concept so it fits the criteria for involvement, including best fit and scheduling
  • Ensure there are elements of art, science and engineering in your program. You’ll want a smash-up for a true Beakerhead experience
  • Matchmake if you need access to experts
  • Provide an event planning checklist
  • Include you in Beakerhead program materials and promotions such as online event listings and the printed program guide
  • Coordinate logistical support for core programming events
  • Manage ticket sales if requested
  • Print and provide event signage


Permits Beakerhead is all about fiery artwork. If you are keen to build one, we are happy to connect you with community members who have undertaken similar challenges, and guide you through the steps you will need to undertake for a fire inspection. Be sure to budget in your inspections into your total project costs.

Safety and Insurance Most events will be covered under Beakerhead general liability insurance. However, some events will require their own insurance. Beakerhead team members are happy to guide you through this process, and to recommend an insurance provider that fits your event’s needs.

Respect Beakerhead encourages all ideas that smash up art, science, and engineering. While creating your program elements we ask that you take a moment to assess assumptions you might be making. Are you respecting all people of all ages, abilities and cultures? Beakerhead values diversity. In a nutshell, this is what Beakerhead is all about.


Beakerhead is honoured to be a platform for projects led by members of the community from various organizations and cultures.

In consultation with members of Indigenous community, Beakerhead tells a science story that is about human beings, not colonial history. It is with a great deal of joy and respect that we stand behind the projects that make up Beakerhead. They have been developed by Indigenous and non-Indigenous teams coming together, finding a new space between art and engineering, where everyone, of all cultures, genders and ages, feels welcome.

The 2018 program is no longer accepting proposals. However, if you have an amazing idea for 2019, you can submit your amazing idea here, and someone from the Beakerhead team will be in touch with you in December 2018!