Program presenters are artists, engineers, designers, technologists and organizations who create and stage events, programs and installations during Beakerhead. Join in!


Photo: Neil Zeller


Photo: Nic Sharkey


Let’s say you have built an ice cream-scooping robot for your neighbourhood block party. Beakerhead will find a way for you to share your lessons learned at the crossroads of art and engineering ­– with the world!

There are three ways to get involved with Beakerhead as a program presenter:

  • Take part in the core events produced by Beakerhead, like big-time science busking during Four-to-Six or igniting an alleyway during Beakernight.
  • Build something for Beakerhead. Calls for proposals are issued a couple times a year.
  • Talk to Beakerhead about your partnership ideas for programs, events, installations, contraptions or inventions.

Here’s the kind of thing that fits:

  • At the core of what you do, science, technology, engineering or math is involved (okay, so that includes just about everything!)
  • You are willing to help others understand how it works
  • There is a hands-on or interactive element
  • There is art and creativity involved
  • It will delight yourself and others

The 2017 program is now closed - check out the events this September 13-17, 2017 – and keep your eyes peeled for 2018 opportunities opening this fall!


A Spirit of Inclusivity

Beakerhead is honoured to be a platform for projects led by members of the community from all cultures. When Canada150 funding was received to tell the story of the ups and downs of human ingenuity, Beakerhead embarked on a project that would embody hope.

Beakerhead 2017 does not celebrate the arrival of settlers 150 years ago and the beginning of the near devastation of people that had lived here for thousands of years. Instead, in consultation with members of Indigenous community, it tells a science story that is about human beings, not colonial history. It is with a great deal of joy and respect that we stand behind the projects that make up Beakerhead 2017. They have been developed by Indigenous and non-Indigenous teams coming together, finding a new space between art and engineering, where everyone, of all cultures, genders and ages, feels welcome.