Step 1: Create a profile in the online Beakerhead volunteer portal.



Step 2: Get approved! (Please note this may take up to one trip around the sun.)

Step 3: Browse all of the shifts available and sign up for some fun as you help bring Beakerhead to life!

Step 4: Orientation sessions happen prior to Beakerhead with on-site reminders as required.


Is there an age limit?

Crew member roles are suitable for 16 years and older. Applicants under the age of 18 will need a signed consent form from a parent or guardian.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email Volunteer Manager, Kourtney Branagan at

Photo by Jackie Ho.


From being (inflatable) narwhal caretakers to dispatching science facts and helping crowds have fun and stay safe among fiery contraptions – there’s no shortage of delightfully bizarre fun to be had while helping out.

Heck, some people even love being the folks to stuff envelopes and set up banners.

There’s a spot for everyone, whether you’re a silent busy bee and/or a chatty conversationalist.

Beakerhead Crews come in two types:

1. The year-round crews, which look an awful lot like working committees, meet regularly in the months leading up to Beakerweek and play a core role in creating this spectacle.

2. Short-term volunteers are a massive group who keep the five days of Beakerhead in September running like a Swiss watch!

Photo Crew

View Beakerhead through the eye of this talented group of roaming photographers and videographers. Members work their magic by scouting out locations and going to the limits to get amazing shots that tell the visual story of the Beakerhead experience.

2018 Crew Chair: Breanna Kennedy

Social Media Crew

A witty, outgoing group of volunteer ambassadors who attend and document their own Beakerhead experience on their social media channels, while also helping to disseminate information and promote the artists, presenters and events.

2018 Crew Chair: Roman Krizek

Curiosity Rovers

Be an on-site interpreter of the art, science and engineering across all the Beakerhead sites! We offer a unique, comprehensive training session to give you the tools you need to speak to the public.

2018 Co-Chairs: Derek Wasylenko & Naomi Wasylenko

Promotions Crew

This is a year-round promotions crew that flies the Beakerhead flag at different events in Calgary and area throughout the year. Here is a way for you to attend Comic Expo or Lilac Festival, Pride Parade or Christmas at a shopping mall – meeting people with your Beakerhead personality on!

2018 Co-Chairs: Ana Hoepfner and Daniel Martinovich.

Beakernight Crew

Beakernight is Beakerhead’s (and science’s!) biggest street (and field) party. It’s a beast of a machine in and of itself amidst the entire five-day event program. This group of volunteers helps ensure it runs as smooth as can be!

2018 Crew Chair: Katherine Juhasz

Hack the Flyer Crew

Duct tape? Check. Leaf blower? Check. Pilot licence? Check.

Welcome to the fast paced world of red wagon racing! Hacked, that is. It’s a new “sport” that puts on display the creative wit and engineering moxie of misfit teams who’ve Frankensteined the iconic red Radio Flyer wagon to be racing machines. See the action live at Beakernight!

2018 Co-Chairs: Samantha Jones & Kostis Konstantinos

Booster Crew

Help us deliver snacks and water to all our fabulous volunteers all across Beakerhead sites. Ever wonder where the meeting place for volunteers, staff and performers is? It’s in the Hospitality Room. Assist our crew chiefs make sure everyone is happy in our special space.

2018 Co-Chairs: Callie Mutterback & Helene Buchanan

Expert Crew
This extremely professional and energetic research team is responsible for fact finding around installations and science related questions plus artist Q & A.
2018 Co-Chairs: Derek Wasylenko and Naomi Dolgoy
Photo: Gilles Thibault
Photo: Gilles Thibault
Photo:Jackie Ho
Photo:Jackie Ho
Photo:Trevor Lalonde
Photo:Trevor Lalonde
Photo:Johanna Hung
Photo:Johanna Hung