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Hack the House is an exciting and engaging event specifically designed for young teams of individuals aged 14 to 21 from across Alberta. The primary aim of this event is to put their engineering, creativity and collaborative skills to the test. Participants are challenged to ‘hack’ a piece of used household furniture and transform it into a rideable machine that runs on sustainable power sources.

However, Hack the House is not just about creating a functional machine; it goes beyond that. Teams are encouraged to infuse their machines with a captivating story. They are given the opportunity to explore how their creation can solve a real-world problem or convey a powerful message about an issue they deeply care about.

Throughout the process, teams receive guidance and support from a distinguished panel of experts hailing from diverse backgrounds such as robotics, engineering, and art. These experts will provide valuable insights, mentorship, and technical assistance to help teams bring their imaginative ideas to life.

The culmination of the Hack the House event takes place during the Beakerhead festival in the fall. Here, the teams’ machines take center stage, showcased to a captivated audience of attendees. To add an element of excitement and challenge, the teams are invited to navigate an obstacle course specifically designed by experts in front of the enthusiastic crowd. This live demonstration not only showcases the creative and technical abilities of the teams but also adds an element of friendly competition and thrill to the event.

Hack the House is made possible due to generous donations from The Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, and Imperial Oil. Their support aims to inspire and encourage future engineering students, while also fostering a sense of pride and community within Alberta’s engineering landscape.

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Michelangelo's Flying Machine Drawing
Try Me! (right)
Happy Monster
Try Me! (right)
Try Me! (right)
Happy Monster
Airplane - Take Flight - Liftoff