Cybermentor fusion gathering

May 28, 2016 @ 10:00 am to 3:30 pm
Telus Spark
220 St Georges Drive NE

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Cybermentor invites you to an important celebration… Fusion Gathering 2016!

Girls ages 11 – 18 (or Grades 6 – 12) join Cybermentor to celebrate the conclusion of an exceptional season. Enjoy a fun design and engineering activity, guest speakers, industry panel and reception lunch.

Last year participants designed and built LED jellyfish umbrellas. This year they will create umbrella storm clouds with thunder and LED rain. Participants will have the opportunity to display their engineered art creations at Beakernight 2016.

The Fusion Gathering 2016 includes:

  • Opportunities for mentees and mentors to meet one another
  • Beakerhead engineering+art activities and registration to present your fusion design at Beakernight 2016.
  • Lunch and Networking
  • Learn to solder and other new skills
  • Try out some coding
  • And much more!

We value your involvement, and hope to see you there!

For inquiries, please see the FAQ section below, or contact the Cybermentor Team at cybermentor@ucalgary.ca or 403-220-8283.