Beakerhead winds down by winding up the most delightful catapults built! Teams as small as four and as large as a mini-brigade designed and built catapults with the intention of tossing love-to-hate items, whether a gang of Barbie dolls or a box of an ex’s stuff. As far as design goes, the quirkier the better! The competition promises to be a great tension release for competitors and the audience! THE TEAMS Team Steam Danger Ball Danger Ball is in the midst of their experiment on how to throw a Pokeball with some curve! Team Danger Ball has been slaving away, turning large sheets of wood into piles of dust, all in the hope of creating the perfect launcher. The country club will never be the same again. Team Tesla We are University of Calgary students representing the Tesla club on campus. We are wanting to mash engineering and creativity in making our ballista for the Catharsis competition. We want to show the artistic and technical abilities that students can demonstrate when given the chance. Team Splash Competition Guidelines Competition FAQ Questions? If you can’t find the answer in the FAQ, send an email to Please feel free to bring your festival chairs and bag beds!