Get Involved: Curiosity Rover Crew Kick-Off

April 20, 2017 @ 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Beakherhead HQ
200 Barclay Parade Southwest Unit B03

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Do you revel at looking under the hood at the cogs in the machine? Do you take extreme pleasure in finding creative ways to show the public about science, technology and art? You're like a wolf on the hunt, but cool factoids are your prey! Plus, you'll learn invaluable tools as a science communicator.

The CURIOSITY ROVERS are the on-the-ground people bringing the science and engineering to life with Beakerhead across all spectacle locations. This is an energetic team of researchers, writers and facilitators.

You can expect the following from your team’s first meeting:

  • Meeting your team members and co-chairs (the wonderful Jason and Derek)
  • Learning more about timelines and schedules
  • Road mapping for 2017
  • Meeting your Beakerhead secretariat liaison
  • A review of team qualifications. More details to come!

By the end of the meeting, the preliminary crews will be formed. A plan will be devised for how to structure teams to divide and conquer!