This Mother’s Day, lets come together to support mothers everywhere – and the potential of all children – by lighting up a massive mother of invention. What better way to do this than bringing Serpent Mother to Calgary this September! This massive fiery metal matriarch will inspire tens of thousands (including you!) during Beakerhead – if you can help to bring her here. If we all chip in $25 (or more if you can afford it), Beakerhead will bring the biggest dose of inspiration you’ve ever seen. Like all good mothers do, she’ll invite many to bask in this warmth! And she’ll challenge you to achieve great things. She’s massive and mighty – and she’ll stoke the fire of imagination in all of us. DONATE P.S. Once she is here, all of us supporters will gather for a special welcome with her. P.P.S. We at Beakerhead are serious about inspiring youth. Students are being streamed very early on into either science or arts, and we need to help them stay in touch with their FULL potential. P.P.P.S. Mechanical creatures need love too.