2016 Ingenuity Challenge Winners

Ready, Set, Create!

Beakerhead’s annual Ingenuity Challenge invites students across Alberta to take part in a simple, creative science-themed challenge. In five school days, students then collaboratively design and build these creative projects to show their classmates… and the world! Introducing the winners of the 2016 Ingenuity Challenge! Have a peek at their creatively wonderful videos and their accompanying words. Congratulations to this year's delightful challenge winners!

Abbeydale Elementary School: Grades K-5

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” - André Gide

Students in grade five at Abbeydale School pursued something they had never done before. They had never been challenged in a unique and creative way before. They truly embraced ambiguity and lost sight of the shore. Students began their exploration by collaborating with teachers to understand the concept of music. Not just the songs on the radio, but the power of music and sound. They watched videos to spark creativity and investigated rhythm in music class. With this understanding, students began to ideate. They worked in pairs to generate any and all ideas they had. Groups played with the material and found the music within them. Students then shared their ideas in a large group. We discussed that by sharing our ideas and choosing our best plan, we would only make them stronger by working together. A decision was made during that discussion to create our video in the dark. Once students decided on their most unique ideas, they were put in groups of three or four. They were randomly assigned to an idea in hopes that they would bring fresh ideas to the concept. Together they thought about creating a rhythm, how to make it visually appealing in the dark and creating a unique vision. At all points of the challenge, students were experiencing brand new moments in learning. Together they failed, discovered how to redesign and trust in the process of creativity.

Sunalta School: Grades 6-12

Ping pong drum roll please! DJ carrots? Bubble wrap pianos? These were just a few of the creations dreamed up by Sunalta’s grade sixes as part of this year’s Beakerhead Ingenuity Challenge. Drawing upon knowledge and experimentation with music, sound, electricity and physics, students worked in teams to create fantastic machines for an avant-garde work of musical poetry. The reviews are in:

“The Beakerhead Challenge was an exciting experience because it sharpens your creativity and imagination.”

“I figured out the sound would be louder if it echoed, and the length of the rubber bands mattered, too.”

“I liked Beakerhead because you can get out of the box…”

“We had to use our knowledge of technology to figure out how to make it…”

“I like how we got to work as a team.”

“I loved how the Beakerhead Challenge gave us something hard this year because it really gets your mind thinking and you feel proud after it.”

“We used the law of gravity to re-use the ping pong balls that had dropped.”

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