Cirque du Soleil has a school. The National Ballet has a school. Now Beakerhead has a school.

The renowned Banff Science Communications program is moving to Beakerhead and growing into a program that offers courses for scientists and communications professional across the country.

“The pressure on scientists to be strong communicators is growing, and their appetite to share their research with the public is increasing too. So we will be offering courses across the country with our focus, as always, on thinking of the audience first,” says Jay Ingram, chair of the program, dubbed SciComm.

The two-week Banff summer intensive held in Banff for the past 10 years developed a reputation for being both challenging and transformational. Part of the program’s success is attributed to the faculty members, rated among the best science communicators in the world. The new school will work with the same faculty members and offer shorter courses across the country. The legendary two-week intensive in Banff will continue to be held every three years and the next is scheduled for August 2018.