The Chemistry of Food at Beakerhead

Where else can you mix the worlds of science, technology and food?

There's good chemistry with all things food at Beakerhead!

Where else can you mix the worlds of science, technology and food? Take your good chemistry to the next level with this lineup of fascinating and appetizing culinary events. Tickets are selling fast. Don’t go hungry!

High Tech High-Balls
Wednesday, September 14 @ 8:00 pm
Join Hotel Arts’ resident mixologist, Franz Swinton, for this mixology workshop. Create engineered drinks through creative scientific techniques, and experiment with unique and innovative handcrafted cocktails. Then drink them, of course!


The Squeak Behind the Cheese Curds
Wednesday, September 14 @ 7:00
Up your poutine game when you learn how to create cheese curds from scratch. Explore the importance of bacterial cultures and enzymes for making the perfect cheese curd batch, with Paul Gordon. He’s a bioinformatics specialist, who also happens to know a lot about food.


Wednesday, September 14 @7:00 pm
Six top Calgary chefs and mixologists are getting creative in an industrial compound turned skate park in Ramsay for this once in a lifetime culinary experience. Featuring top Calgary chefs Liana Robberecht, Executive Chef at Winsport and 2011 Alberta Chef of the Year, and Jan Hansen, Executive Chef at Hotel Arts Group, including Yellow Door Bistro, Chef’s Table and Raw Bar, and more top chefs! Imagine a car on its side turning a spit, a giant flame under an array of roasted trout in wire baskets, and a warehouse setting full of surprises.


Spicy Palate Workout
Thursday, September 15 @ 6:00 pm
Explore the science of spice, herbs, and storytelling while having an adventure of your own with unusual pairings of fragrance and taste that will delight your senses. Along the way, you’ll create your own steak rub to take home.


Science of the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
Thursday, September 15 @ 5:30 pm
Sunday, September 18 @ 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm
You will run tests and variables to explore each element in the cookie-making processes under the expert guidance of University of Calgary chemists and Crave Cookies and Cupcake bakers. You can take your experimental cookies home of courses – if you don’t eat them all on the way!


Exploring the Milky Way
Friday, September 16 @7:00 pm
Take a trolley to four awesome restaurants where you’ll meet the chefs behind some of the exquisite creations in Engineered Eats. Learn how the dishes are made using this years’ special ingredient – milk, then sample some of the sumptuous dishes and beverages!


Café au Lait Scientifique
Sunday, September 18 @ 1:00 pm
Grab your Erlenmeyer flask and your favourite coffee mug to get to the bottom of all things scientific when it comes to milk and coffee. Join Phil & Sebastian to discover (and taste!) why steamed milk is sweeter, how lipids, protein and lactose in your milk can help you create the best foam, and why milk can make or break the perfect cup.


Engineered Eats
Wednesday – Sunday during Beakerhead
Calgary becomes a scientific culinary and playground as more than 30 bars and restaurants create engineered temptations, and molecular cocktails using this year’s special ingredient, milk! Choose your favourite spots, and get to tasting.

Participating restaurants include:

ANJU (344 - 17 Avenue SW)

AVEC BISTRO (550 - 11 Avenue SW #105)

BANK & BARON P.U.B. (125 - 8 Avenue SW)

BARCELONA TAVERN (501 - 8 Avenue SW)

THE BELTLINER (243 - 12 Avenue SW)

BLUE STAR DINER (809 - 1 Avenue NE)


BRASSERIE KENSINGTON (1131 - Kensington Road NW)

BRIGGS KITCHEN + BAR (317 - 10 Avenue SW #100)

BURGER 320 (814 - Avenue NE)

BURGER 320 (130 - 10 Street NW)

BUTCHER & THE BAKER (250 - 6 Avenue SW #181)

CONTAINER BAR (1131 - Kensington Road NW)

THE COUP (924 - 17 Avenue SW)

THE FINE DINER (1420 - 9 Avenue SE)

FULL CIRCLE PIZZA & OYSTER BAR (933 - 17 Avenue SW #100)

HOME & AWAY (1331 - 17 Avenue SW)

KLEIN/HARRIS (110 - 8 Avenue SW)

MARKET (718 - 17 Avenue SW)

MIDTOWN KITCHEN & BAR (302 - 10 Street NW)

MODERN STEAK (107 - 10a Street NW)

PAPER ST (630 - 8 Avenue SW #102)

PIE CLOUD (314 - 10 Street NW)

PRLR LOUNGE (124 - 10 Street NW)

RAW BAR (119 - 12 Avenue SW)

REDWATER RUSTIC GRILLE (326 Aspen Glen Landing SW)


SHOKUNIN (2016 - 4 Street SW)

TOWNSHIP BAR & GRILL (250 - 6 Avenue SW #181)


WINE BAR KENSINGTON (1131 Kensington Road NW)


Beakerhead 2016 takes place from September 14 - 18.

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