A Message from Mary Anne Moser

A tremendous THANK YOU to all the integral people and parts that launched 2017!

Parts of a Rocket

The 2017 event team is a system of parts like the payload, guidance systems, fuel, structure and oxidizers that make up a rocket. The parts of this rocket are, in fact, amazing humans who have poured their giant hearts and shining skills into bringing this rocket to launch.


Jasmine Palardy, Senior Director
Claudia Bustos, Community Engagement Director
Carolyn Wallington, Education Program Manager
Paul Magnuson, Program Director
Tyler Scollan, Technical Director


Tera Yaworski, Social Media Manager
Karim Teja, Chief Financial Officer
Laurel Williamson, Bookkeeper
Kate Newby, Producer, Ticketed Shows
Betty Hushlak, Volunteer Manager
Matt Burgener, Producer, Four-to-Six
Jessica Tkachuk, Sponsorship Stewardship Manager
Patricia Kesler, Ticket Manager
Chandler Collins, Store Manager
Niki Wilson, Beakerbar Program Manager
Jen Gerritsen, Food Coordinator
Paul Gordon, Producer, Engineered Eats
Heather McCormick, Special Event Producer
Rockethouse, Event Animators


John Hiebert
Sharon Kahanoff
Liam Prost
Blue Thornton
Corey Robert
Pat Palardy

Boots on the ground, across this whole city, are the people bringing it all to you – the PRESENTERS, COLLABORATORS and CREWS behind the scenes.

A giant shout out to these irrepressible forces!
Thank you to this amazing team!

Mary Anne Moser
President and Co-founder

Photo: Katie Novak