Pi Day with Crave Cupcakes and Beakerhead

Enjoy Crave Cupcakes raspberry sour cream little pies on March 14th to celebrate Pi Day!

Celebrating Pi Day with Crave Cupcakes

Raspberry red alert!

March 14 is National Pi Day — the 14th day of the 3rd month. 3.14. Get it?

You all know from high school math that Pi is a constant — 3.14 rounded of. It’s the ratio of the circumference of a circle (um, pie) to its diameter. Crave Cupcakes thinks pie should be a constant too.

To celebrate this infinitely interesting number, Crave Cupcakes is partnering with Beakerhead to treat you with the most delicious raspberry pie. Oh, the clever jokes know no end. (Raspberry Pi is the name of the first credit-card sized computer originally designed for education.)

Beakerhead Pi Pies are raspberry sour cream, baked with toasted pecans, brown sugar crumble and topped with a sweet pink pi sign. $1.00 from each Pi Pie sold will benefit the unusual and delightful programming that Beakerhead brings to young and old each year.

These pies are bound to fly! So it is best to pre-order by visiting Crave Cupcakes or stop by a store on March 14.

Oh, yes there is a skill-testing question! There is in fact a multi-level challenge for you to answer. Correct answers submitted online will be entered to win one of 3.14 grand prizes (rounded of to 3)!

You got this!
P.S. Calculations of Pi have reached 22,459,157,718,361 digits and it’s climbing!