Social Challenges + Entrepreneurs = Better World

Meet the best in the world of Business and Innovation at Beakerhead!

Meet the best in the world of Business and Innovation at Beakerhead!

TRICO Presents: The World of Social Entrepreneurship
This year during Beakerhead, meet six founders, engineers and designers who are tackling social issues through ingenious entrepreneurial endeavours. There are several events and lots of water cooler chats where you can meet the minds behind these genius inventions that are shaking up the world.


Lucky Iron Fish

Even the tiniest of inventions can have an explosive impact. Take the Lucky Iron Fish. Over half of the world’s population suffers from an iron deficiency. The solution? Invite a tiny cast-iron fish to live in your cooking pots.


Take a ride in VEEMO, a single-person, electric-assisted, solar-powered, networked, enclosed tricycle that will soon be seen zipping down the bike lanes in a city near you!


Sometimes the worst situations become fertile grounds for creative engineering. ShelterBox aid is tailored to the needs of each emergency. In order to provide stability, people often need more than just a dry place to sleep. Each ShelterBox includes things like cooking equipment, water purification equipment, blankets and more.

Survival Capsule

The concept of a personalized safety system is brought to life through the Survival Capsule. Designed to protect against tsunamis, these pods are currently being manufactured in Japan, where an 8-9 magnitude earthquake is predicted to hit in the next 10 years, which could potentially trigger a massive tsunami.

Autism Glass

You can check out what kind of emotions your face is expressing with a wearable technology called Autism Glass. A Stanford medical team has created an application for Google Glass that enables people on the autism spectrum to identify emotions based on facial expressions.


Here is an inflatable solar light that packs flat. With hundreds of recharge cycles, a design made for years of use, and its revolutionary ability to be easily transported, LuminAID is making waves in the lighting and renewable energy sector.

Meet the minds behind these inventions at two key events:

Beakerhead Mingles
Thursday, September 15 @6:00 pm

Presented by TRICO Charitable Foundation and the United Way of Calgary, Gen Next Beakerhead Mingles is a chance to hear innovators give you the skinny on how they’re changing the world. Eat, drink, then pick the brains of these brilliant minds over a pint - who knows, it might change your life!

$15 in advance, $20 at the door.


Social Entrepreneurship Day
Friday, September 16. Starting at 7:30 am

An incredible partnership is bringing together some of the planets’ most innovative and creative minds to offer you a day filled with inspiration. Four events fill the day: Michel Gelobter as the keynote speaker, a Lean Start-ups for Social Change Workshop, a panel and lunch on How Doing Good in the World is Great Business, and a Local Social Venture Pitch Contest.

$25 for individual event, $50 for full day.

This partnership is a blockbuster of organizations with impact: TRICO Charitable Foundation, Beakerhead, United Way of Calgary, Chiu School of Business at Bow Valley College, Startup Calgary, Capital Ideas, Alberta BoostR, The Calgary Foundation, Calgary Economic Development and Innovate Calgary, Mount Royal University, University of Calgary.


Beakerhead 2016 takes place from September 14-18.

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