The Spirited Side of Beakerhead

Experience the boozy side of science and engineering at these spirited events!

Enjoy Beakerhead over a glass of inspiration!

Go behind the scenes of the 2016 Beakerhead spectacles and experience the boozy side of science and engineering at these spirited events.

Meet the Makers
During this tour, meet the artists, engineers and creative minds behind the major Beakerhead installations. Six talks, six stops, each 10 minutes in duration. While this tour does not include drinks, you’ll want to go out afterwards to get your own imaginations revving about what you’ll build for Beakerhead next year!

High Tech Highballs
Join Hotel Arts’ resident mixologist, Franz Swinton, for this mixology workshop. Create engineered drinks through creative scientific techniques and experiment with unique and innovative handcrafted cocktails. Drinks included!

Six top Calgary chefs and mixologists are getting creative in an industrial compound in Ramsay for this once in a lifetime culinary experience. Featuring top Calgary chefs Liana Robberecht, Executive Chef at Winsport (2011 Alberta Chef of the Year!), and Jan Hansen, Executive Chef at Hotel Arts Group. Imagine a mechanical and delightful food experience. Crane rides also available on site!

Adults Only Night: Energy Hack
Is it possible to build a furnace out of old pop cans and eavestroughs? How about a BBQ that doesn’t need charcoal or gas? Discover how people have created all sorts of workarounds to become more energy independent. Spend an energized evening of conversation and connection, plus free rein in the galleries and a fully licensed bar.

Love Lab: The Darker Side of Relationships
Relationships are full of slings and arrows that can sometimes spark a deep desire to “pay back” perceived offenses. Dr. Susan Boon from the University of Calgary, and Dr. Stephen Yoshimura from the University of Montana explore the sweetness of revenge in this animated and scientific evening. Held in one of the worlds oldest love labs – a pub!

Exploring the Milky Way
Take a trolley to four awesome restaurants where you’ll meet the chefs behind some of the exquisite creations in Engineered Eats. Learn how the dishes are made using this years’ special ingredient – milk, then sample some of the sumptuous dishes and beverages!

Prepare for a night full of quirky surprises in a massive outdoor gallery of art and engineering. Beakernight will illuminate the streets of Bridgeland with interactive works and performances, live music, and the Beakerbar (including Absolut cocktails)!

Beakerhead 2017 takes place from September 13 - 17.

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