Wild and Free!

Help build a culture of ingenuity that benefits children, adults – and cephalopods – by giving a gift this season.


Dear Spectacular You!

Did you know octopuses have three hearts and nine brains?

Tentacles was one of a dozen Beakerhead experiences this September that stretched across Calgary, sparking curiosity in the most unexpected places.

We’re taking a cue from the three-hearted, nine-brained octopus and reaching out to you. We need your support to create a culture bursting with curiosity and ingenuity.

Beakerhead is focused on delight. Why? Because delight gets things started. It breeds ingenuity. It gets conversations started, it gets relationship started, it even gets careers and companies started.

“How can you not love this?!” exclaimed a 10-year-old girl on a field trip to Beakerhead.

In just five short September days, Beakerhead reached 28,500 kids in schools all across Alberta. But, the demand to join this creative movement was much higher than that. We just didn’t have the resources to involve and delight them all.

Canadians are teeming with brilliance, creativity and resilience. But we haven’t yet created a culture where this ingenuity can be fully expressed. In schools and workplaces – let’s face it – we’re not embracing our full potential. There is no one factor to blame, and that’s what makes it a tough nut to crack.

But we’re doing it. Beakerhead works year-round in the classroom, workplace and community to bust open the ingenuity at the crossroads of art, science and engineering. You can’t sell tickets to that.

Help build a culture of ingenuity that benefits children, adults – and cephalopods – by giving a gift this season of $25, $50 or $100.

Your donation will qualify for a charitable tax receipt – and helps create a world where everyone can reach their full potential.


Mary Anne Moser
President and Co-founder

P.S. Talk about reach, Beakerhead smashed attendance records with 130,000 visitors this year! Extend your tentacles to beakerhead.com/donate


Beakerhead is hoping to raise an estimated $20,000 this year through fundraising campaigns. We estimate that our cost to raise these funds will be approximately $4,500. The money raised will support our programs and special projects. For further information, please call us at 597-351-7787. Beakerhead is incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta.

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