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The creative and entertaining world of Beakerhead invites all students to step into the world of science and technology!

An out of this world opportunity!

Inspire your students in all things STEM with our Virtual Speakerhead –

Canadian Astronaut, David Saint-Jacques!

This live webinar will give your students a chance to e-meet our Canadian astronaut and ask questions before he launches into space to represent Canada at the International Space Station.

David is training hard for his mission, but before he blasts off – he has taken time away to connect with your students!

Who: Students grades 4 and up from across Canada are encouraged to join!
When: May 29, 2018 9:30am - 10:00am MST
Where: Right in your classroom, all you need is a computer!
How: Head to Beakerhead's Youtube channel and watch the live event at 9:30am MST live!

With generous support from:

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Your job as teacher gets a whole lot easier when your students are inspired.

Beakerhead can help!

Most Beakerhead programs are related to what you may know as “design thinking” – a process for identifying problems, generating a prolific realm of possible solutions, testing ad experimenting with them, and building things by hand where possible. Others are designed to simply inspire – that’s important too. Beakerhead aims to increase the affinity for science and art for all students.

How-to one-sheets and curriculum links are available for all programs.

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COME TO BEAKERHEAD a.k.a. field trips

Board a bus and head to Calgary for a great way to start the year with a dose of ingenuity. Near or far, your journey will be worth the trip. Field trips available for grades 4-12



Bring Beakerhead to your home turf to spark curiosity in your students! From science inspired assemblies to science rap battles, there are many options to choose from in your Beakerhead experience.



Receiving a secret package in the mail with a design-thinking challenge is a great way to get students thinking creatively and working as a team! The materials and theme remain a secret until the package arrives and will be sure to have your students engaged from start to finish.



Come one, come all! These programs are available to classrooms across all time-zones. These programs will inspire your students and bring a hands-on element into your educational practices.


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The Education Advisory Council helps to oversee and guide the development of Beakerhead school programs so that they are high-quality and relevant educational experiences. The council members are:

  • Julie Barton
    Fine Arts & Off-Campus Specialist, Calgary Board of Education
  • Denise Kitagawa
    Board Member at Connect Charter School
  • Dan McWilliams
    Learning Specialist, Rockyview Schools
  • Tyler Melnyk
    Social Studies Teacher, Robert Thirsk High School
  • Jacqueline Ottmann
    Director of Indigenous Education Initiative, University of Calgary
  • Kirk Villanueva
    Elementry Science Consultant, Calgary Catholic School District