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Beakerhead in Your School

Grades K – 9

Engage your entire school in an assembly that will have your students engaged, on the edge of their seats and asking for more science! A professional presenter will excite your school with a high-energy presentation at the crossroads of science and art. Your students will be entertained and everyone will experience curiosity and affinity for science.

This year’s presenter is coming to Canada just for Beakerhead: Alex “The Zaniac” Zerbe! The Zaniac takes a tornado of juggling skills, combines it with a whirlwind of science knowledge and sends it crashing directly into your student’s brain.

Then, lead your classroom in a post-presentation activity that will satisfy your students craving more science!

Program Details:

• Grades K-9
• Dates: September 16-20 and 23-27
• Duration: 60 minutes
• Cost: $2.00 per student ($1,000 minimum per presentation)
For schools with more than 600 students the fee will be $1,200 maximum.
• Criteria: Presentations during Beakerhead week must be within Calgary area.*

Not in the Calgary area but still want in on the excitement? Contact to find out if we are touring in a town near you!


Alberta Science Curriculum Links:

• Kindergarten
Movement, Objects and Materials
Scientific Method

• Grade 1
Seasons and Weather, Materials and their uses
Scientific Method

• Grade 2
Magnets and Forces
Moving a Load
Scientific Method

• Grade 3
Water Cycles and Weather
Stability and Strength
Scientific Method

• Grade 4
Building Devices and Vehicles that move
Wheels and Levers
Scientific Method

• Grade 5
Scientific Method

• Grade 6
Air and Aerodynamics
Sky Science
Scientific Method

• Grade 7
Structures and Forces
Scientific Method

• Grade 8
Mechanical Systems
Scientific Method

• Grade 9
Space Exploration
Scientific Method

Science Genius Rap Battles

Grades 6 – 12

Brave teachers, the hip hop stage is calling!

Science Genius is an initiative that uses the power of hip-hop to engage youth who are traditionally disengaged in science classrooms by meeting them on their cultural turf. Under with guidance of hip-hop ambassadors who come to your school for four science classes in March and April, students create science-themed raps based on topics that are aligned to curriculum. This will not replace a lesson, but enhances it using a different technique of engaging students with the science content.

Students in this program show:

  • Increased attendance
  • Higher test scores
  • Enthusiasm for subject matter
  • Persistence in science
  • Increased science-mindedness: skills, traits, dispositions of scientists

The science is in! Read this article to learn more about the impact of fine arts in the science classroom:

Struggling kids retain more science if they rap

Watch this video to learn more!

The top student group from your classroom or school will go to the finals at Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre in May 2018. There is no charge to take part. However, bussing of students to the finals is the responsibility of the school. This program is supported by:


Important Science Genius 2019 Dates

May 16, 2019 ………………………………….. Finals at the National Music Centre

September 2019 ………………………………… Winners perform on stage at Beakernight


The 2019 Science Genius Program is underway, but there are still opportunities in the future!

Sign up here if you are interested in future Science Genius programs coming to your classroom: