Field Guide for Teachers

No matter where you are, you can help your students learn at the crossroads of art and science – where core competencies abound!

Educator’s Field Guide

Grades K – 12

This guide will give you ideas and inspiration on Beakerhead-like activities to bring to your classroom. Download this PDF for pre- and post- activities for the field trips this September. Not able to make it to the field trips? No problem! The Educator’s Field Guide will give you other activities that will bring out the same sense of collaboration and creativity that can be found in our field trips. Come one, come all, as this guide is free and available all year-round.

Dates: Available end of August

Cost: Free


If the activities in the guide don’t suit, build your own classroom experience!
Explore the physics behind walking on stilts or hold your art class in the chemistry lab.
Feel free to use past and future Beakerhead program elements as inspiration.

In every case, please show and share what you are doing!
Take five minutes to send us a picture, video or story to or post on social media with #Beakerhead, and we’ll help share your pictures onwards.


Photo: Jackie Ho