Photo: Angela Catford

All courses include three key elements:

  • An introduction that brings all participants into an audience-oriented mindset.
  • Hands-on skill development over the course of several days, working hands-on with top faculty, on the creation of relevant and specific science communications projects that can be taken back into daily life.
  • A wrap up that will brand the enduring impact of newly acquired skills and orientation, plus connections required to become a part of the science culture network.
Photo: Neil Zeller

“I seem to think differently about things now – my brain just doesn’t work the same way. I have the energy and enthusiasm for so many things … I have finished three research projects since I got back! … I would trade in half a dozen conferences for my experience in the program. If I could get my dean to send everyone in the science faculty I would. The program has had a profound impact.”

“My mind has been opened in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.”

“The most rewarding educational experience I’ve had the opportunity to have.”

“I feel energized, excited about the future, hopeful, transformed.”

“I think where I end up ten years from now will be heavily influenced and shaped by this program.”

“An exceptional program that has challenged me to expand my ideas about science communication.”

“Loved it, loved it, loved it. It was a transformative, inspiring experience.”