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Images of Research


Thursday, Sept 14 | 12pm-5pm
Friday, Sept 15 | 11am-10pm
Saturday, Sept 16 | 11am-10pm
Sunday, Sept 17 | 11am-5pm


Contemporary Calgary
701 11 St SW
Calgary, AB

Delve into the fusion of science and art as graduate students from the University of Calgary present their research in an entirely unique light. Through meticulously curated images and photographs, these students unravel the intricacies of their studies, merging aesthetics with enlightening content to capture the essence of their research endeavors. But these visuals are only the beginning. Accompanying each image, an abstract offers deeper insight into their ambitious research goals, bridging the gap between specialist knowledge and public understanding.

This initiative not only showcases the unparalleled dedication of our graduate students but also underscores the power of visual communication. In an age where information is abundant, presenting research through a visual medium provides an avenue for scholars to connect with non-specialists in profound ways, ensuring that their important themes don’t go unnoticed.

Experience this visual journey and gain a newfound appreciation for the groundbreaking work being conducted at the University of Calgary.

Supported by: Suncor, Government of Alberta, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Funded by the Government of Canada