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Sept 14-17


Millennium Park
1220 9 Ave SW
Calgary, AB

Iconic, captivating, and playful, these installations are synonymous with Beakerhead, enchanting visitors young and old. Who can overlook the delightful Nibbles that frolic during the day and radiate light when night falls?

The installations’ white fabric, which gleams under the sun, turns translucent after sunset, revealing creatures that glow from within. These luminescent beings cast human spectators as mere shadows against their brilliance. The creative force behind this spectacle is artist Amanda Parer, hailing from Australia. There, rabbits are viewed not as beloved pets but as invasive pests. Since their introduction in the late 18th century, their proliferation has led to significant ecological harm.

Parer’s art captures a cultural dichotomy. She says, “These creatures channel the fairy-tale animals of our memories, embodying innocence and frolics in dreamy meadows. ‘Intrude’ is designed to evoke these endearing visuals and potent humor, drawing you deeper into the art piece.

Supported by: City of Calgary, Government of AlbertaAlberta Foundation for the Arts, Funded by the Government of Canada