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A group of people wearing hoodies and sweatpants from the brand Sinners2Saints.


Friday, Sept 15 | 5pm-9pm
Saturday, Sept 16 | 2pm-10pm
Sunday, Sept 17 | 12pm-8pm


Millennium Park
1220 9 Ave SW
Calgary, AB

Sinners2Saints is a relatable lifestyle brand which aspires to inspire the best in all of us in spite of one’s flaws. It was started in 2020 by Newman, who had the desire to explore the duality of the human nature, susceptible to flaws and has goodness embedded in it as well.

With that in mind, he formed a team of individuals with similar desire to purposefully tailor every design with a purpose to share life’s experiences artistically. Using clothing as the canvas, the designs are meant to lead to great conversations, share one’s perspective, and inspire every human regardless of race, gender or religion to serve as a reminder to strive to the best you were created to be.

Find Sinners2Saints in the Brain Bazaar by Market Collective at Beakerhead, and follow them on on Instagram!