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Thunder (Ksiistsikom)


Saturday, Sept 16 | 11am-7pm
Sunday, Sept 17 | 11am-5pm


Contemporary Calgary
701 11 St SW
Calgary, AB

Dive into a realm where ancestral tales meet cutting-edge technology with the latest VR story hosted on the Beakerhead platform, brought to you by IndigeSTEAM. This captivating narrative embarks on the formidable quest of a man confronting the mighty spirit, Thunder (Ksiistsikom). Set against the backdrop of ancient landscapes and age-old myths, this saga is not just a tale of heroism, but also a beacon for preserving cultural treasures.

In an era where many Indigenous languages teeter on the brink of extinction, this VR experience offers more than just entertainment – it is a vibrant testament to the richness of the Blackfoot language and its significance in global heritage. This confluence of traditional Indigenous storytelling with immersive virtual reality beckons users to not only be passive observers but active participants in a world where every whisper, chant, and gust of wind tells a story. Join us and immerse yourself in an odyssey that transcends time, space, and cultures.

Supported by: Suncor, Government of Alberta, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Funded by the Government of Canada