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Turbo Picnic


Sat, Sept 16 | 11am - 12am


Millennium Park
1220 9 Ave SW
Calgary, AB

Picnic Parties! A fire cannon? Turbo Picnic is a six-seat mutant vehicle that will be on display in the Burnersphere at the Cold Garden Beaker Bar! During daylight hours join the Picnic Crew for a checker adventure, games, and general mischief. Once the sun sets, follow the poofer and you’ll find folks for campfire chats.

With over a decade of participation at both local and international music festivals, Chris and Jessie found their niche in building large scale art. The inspiration to build came from their involvement in the Alberta Burner community. They started by co-leading large scale, burnable art and then moved onto their own mutant vehicle. Turbo Picnic was born.

Turbo Picnic was built in 2018 with the help of fundraising efforts and an art grant from Freezer Burn. The donor vehicle for this project was a ride-on lawn tractor. The wiring, steel base, and engine was all that was used after the deconstruction. In just 3 short weeks the crew added a custom fabricated steel frame, widened front end, custom steering, golf cart tires, picnic additions, and a shiny new muffler. Turbo Picnic had its debut at Freezer Burn in Alberta.

In 2019 we thought: “you can’t have an art car without fire!” With that, the Picnic Crew set to work on our Pyro Picnic addition: a tow-behind propane fire pit and fire poofer. This vision was supported by fundraising efforts, the League of Extraordinary Albertans, Freezer Burn, Burn In The Forest, Bass Coast Festival, personal funds, and countless human hours.

Pyro Picnic is a travelling and stationary pyrotechnic art installation that was added to Turbo Picnic. The installation offers the nostalgic view of a campsite in the woods. The Pyro Picnic fire aims to bring participants together around to warm their hands and share their nostalgic memories and tell their story.