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Welding Princess


Thursday, Sept 14 | 12pm-7pm
Friday, Sept 15 | 12pm-10pm
Saturday, Sept 16 | 11am-10pm
Sunday, Sept 17 | 11am-5pm


Contemporary Calgary
701 11 St SW
Calgary, AB

Discover the welded masterpieces of the welding princess, Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess. This collection of sculptures utilize welded metal to represent the human body as a metaphor, conveying emotions and universal truths central to the human experience. The artist explores the interplay between the mind and body, as well as the transformative healing powers that stem from overcoming adversity. These dynamic figures reveal both visible and invisible languages of human emotions, suggesting that human evolution is mirrored in the process of manipulating steel. Challenging traditional notions of physical and mental stability, the works prompt viewers to contemplate the impact of environmental negativity on our once-perceived wholeness. The artist’s focus on the human body articulates various emotional states, evoking thoughts on dismembered integrity. Moreover, the method of display invites viewers into the artwork, fostering an immersive experience, sparking curiosity, conversations, and a sense of community. This immersive, interactive approach is crucial to the series, as the sculptures’ meanings are intricately linked to the viewers’ engagement and perspectives.

Supported by: Government of Alberta, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, City of CalgaryFunded by the Government of Canada